NNH is a partner company of an international syndication of banks and investment companies based in Europe, USA, Canada, and Latin America.

We are the designated entity for the entire group to source, secure and arrange term financing for joint venture projects or to develop and operate infrastructure type projects.

We provide the role of credit enhancer in facilitating these loans, similar to a merchant bank, by being actively involved in the businesses decision-making processes for security and success.

New Gas Carrier

Shipyard in South America

Pipeline in the Middle East

Offshore Oil & Gas Pipeline in Pacific

Oil & Gas Terminal in Central Asia

LNG Receiving Terminal in Asia

Nelvik Semi-Submersible Rig - under construction

Wind farm installation in Asia

Offshore Wind farm installation in Europe


We don't only want to help you win, we want to run with you through the finish line or be able to coach you along the way.
Our various experiences in multiple business sectors gives us a competitive edge to pivot as the world operates in different verticals.
We perform, you perform. You win, we win.

Our relationships with global industry leaders and research institutions provides us with preeminent innovation. We maintain our international syndicate of companies and lenders with trust, transparency, and integrity. It shows in our work and attitude.


We follow a strict and confidential due diligence process to ensure the needs and integrity of our partners are maintained through the highest of standards. We carefully evaluate our clients and develop procedures to mitigate risks.


We know what it takes, we've been there ourselves. As fellow entrepreneurs, we know how to strategize and pivot. We see the end goal and develop a clear pathway through mentorship and guidance every step of the way.


We've had to pivot. The way of doing business has changed. Our processes are forward-thinking and futuristic. Everything is quick and utilizes a form of AI to become more efficient. We coach our founders and clients to adapt to the new, changed landscape and stay consistent with key decision-making.

We provide exclusive access to a unique combination of capabilities, experience, and proven technologies. Contact us to learn more.