Eight Billion People and counting...
Now what?

It’s official. The UN has announced that we have reached a peak global population of over eight billion people.

Of course, we acknowledge that there are many caveats involved with the increased growth, extending to the consistent attempts to achieve a positive, sustainable development.

We must henceforth recognize that the world has changed.

We have witnessed this transition develop over the last two years during the pandemic. Political systems are being challenged globally by the growing population, whereas the old dynamics of business are no longer relevant as politicians grapple with altering economical ideals in attempts to create more sustainable and fair policies and try to make life better for the eight billion inhabitants of this planet.

Except that people are fighting for survival whilst companies continue to make layoffs through the pernicious forces of inflation. Suddenly, our reckless political systems do not have the ability to deal with the consequences of their reckless decisions.

On one hand, they destroy prosperous industries like the energy sectors (which creates jobs, provides warmth and security, and mobilizes the eight billion people on this planet) by instilling the destructive rhetoric of climate fears.

They forget that oil is the glue that binds every industry in the world.

On the other hand, we are still waiting for an immediate plan of action with truly sustainable solutions. That’s not surprising considering most of the present politicians lack the skillset and experience to develop a strategy to deal with the complex human problems in which they’ve helped create. They latch onto and sell silly, simplistic solutions without regard. They create facts, which are preached, flawed opinions, rather than truth.

For example, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau recently committed $750 million to support infrastructure projects in Asia, with total disregard to his own high tax paying citizens of his country whilst small towns and cities across Canada are suffering with crumbling public works, schools, roads, bridges, etc. It's nice to help abroad, but charity begins at home. Canada isn’t the only country doing this. We see this type of egotistical leadership across the western world - consequences from failed socialistic policies creating hopelessness for 95 per cent of the planet, all of which are derived from a global saviour complex.

These are the same people that propagate their population to demonize the rich and wealthy, whilst forgetting that the wealthy are responsible for envisioning and funding the new technologies that the world desperately seeks, thus of course, creating jobs and security. They are truly responsible for 95 per cent of the eight billion people of the planet. Not politicians.

This is the reality that we face.

The question is, are the global leaders in governance ready to commit and challenge the expansion of this present reality?

What has worked once before will not work today.
What has once stood firm and just is now crumbling away.

We at NNH understand the challenges, knowing very well that the new, economic reality will be difficult to maintain and sustain. This is a perfect dynamic for our company, as we have built our organization on the principles of integrity, intelligence, quality, collaboration, and innovation. We are also confident that we can take on new challenges that requires strategic planning, sharp intellect, and the audacity to prevail.

NNH sees itself as a catalyst as we welcome these difficulties head-on in the ever-changing global world order. We create long, sustaining business dynamics that benefits our clients, investors, and humanity at large.

If it’s difficult, we’re doing it.
Link - UN announcement
Link- Trudeau announcement
Featured image credit: James Cridland Flickr (CC BY 2.0)