Nelvik Norsk Hydro Ltd. (NNH) is a global industrial group, providing advanced technologies and services for the energy, mining and metals, marine, finance, and infrastructure industries.

Our group has made significant investments in developing the most advanced subsea operations and environmentally friendly offshore technologies for exploration and production in the oil and gas sector, including the modernization of ports and infrastructure.


If it's difficult, we're doing it.


Our vision is to face challenges and difficulties head-on in the ever-changing global world order and to create long sustaining business dynamics that benefits our clients, investors, and humanity.


We adhere to a steadfast code of morals for the best interest of our employees, stakeholders, clients, and environment.


We challenge ourselves to transcend our potential to best serve our clients.
If it's difficult, we're doing it.


We enhance our customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements whilst creating opportunities for improvement and growth.


We work with our partners to succeed, together.


The world has changed as so have we. We introduce new ideas and ways of thinking to our shareholders in order to disrupt the status quo.


We protect Mother Earth's precious resources by respecting the sanctity of Indigenous traditions. Our testing standards are of the highest quality to prevent any negative environmental impact.


We don't believe in diversity, we believe in unity. Our global network only believes in one race: the human race. We all work as one unit, respecting and welcoming different backgrounds and cultures, whilst maintaining our strong values.


Excellent governance requires accountability, transparency, and intelligent, resolute decision-making, which is why integrity is so important to us.
Nelvik Norsk Hydro Ltd. (NNH) Strives to provide a healthy and safe environment for its workers, supervisors, managers, and guests. To achieve this, NNH has established a Health and Safety Program and is committed to maintaining and improving it as necessary. Workplace health and safety is a shared responsibility, and therefore, we will collectively work together to see the success of this program.

We believe that all incidents are preventable, so our goal is ZERO incidents. Active participation at all levels will ensure that our goal can be achieved.

NNH is dedicated to providing proper and relevant employee training, job-specific safe work practices, personal protective equipment, operation and maintenance procedures, and safety guidelines that focus on awareness and reducing the risk of incidents in all activities.

NNH, its contractors, and all working individuals, are responsible for complying with all health and safety standards and regulations.

NNH is committed to safe and sustainable practises in all aspects of our operations, and therefore will review and update our safety program on a yearly basis to adapt to industry changes, trends and requirements.
We adhere to our commitments and values through honourable conduct.

We consistently aim to provide the best quality of products and services that meets and exceeds our client's satisfaction.

We acknowledge and understand all international regulatory requirements and inspections of company systems to avoid conflicts of interest.

We are committed to protect all aspects of health and safety of all employees in the public. Especially ensuring safe working practises with no risk of personal injury or illness or violation of the law. We also implement a Health and Safety policy and conduct a drug and alcohol testing policy.

We are committed to protecting the environment and improving energy performance – both ashore and onboard, in addition to continuously improving our safety management and emergency preparedness as we work towards our goal of zero spills, accidents, and incidents.

We honour the confidentiality of intellectual property, employee, customer and supplier information, and protect company us acts, including cybersecurity precautions.

By complying with antitrust rules and ethical business practices, we do not offer or accept bribes or non-token gifts to and from suppliers, clients, or officials.

We adhere to Good Documentation Practices by preparing transparent and accurate accounts and financial reports.

We treat everyone with respect whereas harassment and discrimination are not tolerated.

We consistently monitor and measure the compliance of the aforementioned and strive to improve.