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The world as we knew it has changed. The way we do business has changed. We've adapted an agile and digital mindset as this is where the world is heading. We're adapting the use of AI and IoT in our methodology and processes while maintaining our roots. We're exploring new energy models, designs in infrastructure, recycling existing materials, efficient supply chains, and rethinking traditional methods to be in line with the UN SDGs. The future is now. We're creating it as we speak. 


Let's face it. We still need oil & gas.

While we explore alternative energy, we can't forget oil & gas. After all, petroleum is still required in our world for the cars we drive, for the plastics and technology we use, for the power to warm our homes. 

We help companies with exploration. We have the latest technology and equipment to make efficient and ethical decisions for a beneficial discovery.

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Sustainable Development

We explore and develop natural resources around the globe into products that are an important part of everyday life for people everywhere. It's our firm belief and philosophy that Mother Earth provides us with the foundation of everything we do. Therefore, we are mindful of how we produce our products and their effects on the environment. We choose sustainable any and every day. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to work responsibility in our global activities and to create a more harmonious society by developing natural resources and products in innovative and more efficient ways. We perform, we serve, we lead, we grow.

Our Quality Assurance

Driven to build a sustainable future.

1. Industry Leaders

We value consistency and transparency. We operate with excellence as per internal and external regulations producing a positive and holistic environment for our employees and stakeholders. Collaboration vs. competition is key nowadays to ensure efficient operations with our suppliers and partners, thus promoting a sustainable supply chain.  We protect our environment and natural resources and are committed to our transformation. We mirror these values in all that we do. 

2. Quality Standards

We provide products and services that meet and enhance customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements. We address risks and create opportunities for growth. We always strive to improve our processes from our leadership team down. Our relationships are important to us and we make decisions based on facts.

3. Modern Technology

We've partnered with resources that embrace and utilize the full potential of AI, machine learning, and IoT. As the world shifted into Industry 4.0, we're at the forefront with the latest technology and fresh ideas to decrease costs and improve operational capabilities. 

Our Projects

With over 50 years of experience in the design, execution, and financing of large infrastructure projects, NNH has the resources to complete your build. We employ only 100% sustainable practices and materials and take extra measures to protect and enhance the environment where we work.

HP Reactor - Iraq
HP Reactor
Our fabrication facility in Poland follows strict guidelines in order to create the best possible heavy machinery for our clients. 
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Trench System
Introducing our new ROST (Remote Operated Subsea Trenching) System
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Massive oil rig platform in Norway fjords.
Drilling Rigs
We have the latest rigs and vessels available for rental and purchase. 
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SD0910 - 001
Subsea Drilling
Our subsea drill tractor uses a cassette system with cranes for wet storage.
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Deep Sea Mining
Our systems assist private and public offshore exploration companies with mineral and hydrocarbon excavations.
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Hot Tapping
Hot tapping for chemical injection to subsea pipefitting, using a deepwater ROV for guidance.
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Cable Laying with Touch Down Monitoring
TouchDown Monitoring
Designed for running on the cable/pipe; provides video, data, navigation input up to the laying vessel computer.
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Offshore Vessels
Our offshore vessels support our deep and subsea systems - they can also be used for anchor handling, supply, and more.
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We appreciate your interest in our firm. Only people and ideas of regard will be contacted by our team. 

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